JoMa’s Ice Cream Cakes



JoMa’s Ice Cream Cakes are 6 inch, serving 4-6 people and 8 inch, serving 10-12 people. They are ready-made 3 layer ice cream cakes created with four of our top selling flavors along with homemade cake and decorated with a fluffy white marshmallow like frosting.

Each 6 inch cake, serves 4-6 people and 8 inch, serves 10-12 people. There are 4 flavors of each 6” and 8” cake offered

Salty River of Gold with Chocolate Cake – Some say “intense” because Dulce de Leche, or rich milk caramel is churned into the ice cream. Next, we go one step further and amp it up with salty gold ribbons of caramel. Eureka, a Gold Rush hit! This silky caramel goodness is sandwiched between yummy chocolate cake.

Me Want Cookie with Chocolate Cake – It’s Oreo Cookies pulverized into the rich vanilla cream. Then we cut more Oreos into quarters and scatter throughout, so you get big nuggets of yummy cookie in every bite. The chocolate cake book-ends the perfect mixture of crunch and chew.

Wake Up Murphys with Chocolate Cake – Rich coffee in a cool, smooth brew is churned with a special cocoa blend to produce the ice cream into which real roasted almonds and a thick fudge ribbon are added. The mocha goodness blends perfectly with the chocolate cake.

Sweet as Spring with White Cake – Simply put, real strawberries and cream churned to create a taste of spring. This luscious ice cream is hard to find anywhere but JoMa’s. Paired with a white cake, it is a bright and flavorful combo.

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