Order Baked Cookies and Dough to Go

Pre-Order Cookies for Takeout

Order freshly baked cookies and we’ll have them ready for pick up within 1 hour. The cookies come in a Baker’s Dozen (13).

For fresh baked cookies as you want them at home, try Cookie Dough to Go. One container makes 12 cookies.

Order Ice Cream Cakes

JoMa’s Ice Cream Cakes are $48.00 for 6 inches, serving 4-6 people and $58.00 for 8 inches, serving 10-12 people. They are homemade, 3 layer ice cream cakes, created with four of our top-selling flavors and decorated with a fluffy white marshmallow-like frosting.

Ice Cream to Go

Pre-Order Ice Cream to go

Packed Pints, Set Flavors, Customer Favorites-Cha Cha Chocolate, Salty River of Gold, Wake Up Murphys, Me Want Cookie, Peanutty, Crunch Time, Chill'n Cherry, Milli Vanilli and Black Bear-y

E-Gift Cards

Order an e-gift card for any of our delicious, hand-crafted ice creams, cookies, ice-cream cakes or merch.


JoMa’s Artisan Ice Cream 

Ice Cream and Sorbets
Cookies and Ice Cream Cakes


The good life is family, friends, a community like Murphys, and a place like JoMa’s, where all are welcome to take a moment to relax and enjoy a special time in the day. It is our goal to make our guests feel like family, and to serve them the most uniquely handcrafted and delicious ice cream they have ever tasted.