Ice Cream and Sorbet Flavors

Cha Cha Chocolate

Creamy, silky and smooth Gharardelli Chocolate is blended with Madagascar Vanilla for a very balanced Chocolate. Finished with some chew as you bite into the soft chocolate chunks and fudge.

Me Want Cookie

It’s Oreo Cookies pulverized into the rich vanilla cream. Then we cut more Oreos into quarters and scatter throughout, so you get big nuggets of yummy cookie in every bite.

Salty River of Gold

Some say “intense” because Dulce de Leche, or rich milk caramel is churned into the ice cream. Next, we go one step further and amp it up with salty gold ribbons of caramel. Eureka, a Gold Rush hit!


We chop Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and churn with chunk-style peanut butter to create the decadent base. To give it super texture, we add more peanut butter cups as well as soft chocolate nuggets.

Crunch Time

Real chopped toffee and chocolate Heath Bars are embedded into creamy caramel ice cream for a sensational textural yin yang experience.

Chill’n Cherry Chip

Tart cherries are ground fine to create this intensely fruity ice cream, while we let large soft dark chocolate chunks embody this exciting groovy delight. It’s buzzed-about in many circles.

Island Paradise

Coconut lovers will get the royal treatment when they feast on this tropical treat. Grated coconut used in Cuban cooking, the milk of coconut, cream of coconut, and shreds tickle the texture.

Jiminy Cricket

An uptick to traditional mint chip…JoMa’s does not use artificial colors at all, so this authentic mild mint is not “in your face” green. The small mild dark chocolate chunks give this ice cream the perfect contrast of flavors.

Wake Up Murphys

Rich coffee in a cool, smooth brew is churned with a special cocoa blend to produce the ice cream into which real roasted almonds and a thick fudge ribbon are added.

Rockin Road

JoMa’s doesn’t get any bumpier than this…it’s the same recipe as our Cha Cha, but we add chopped fresh walnuts and lots of sweet little soft marshmallows.

Sweet As Spring

Better than eating fresh strawberries, this is rich yet delicate. Simply strawberries churned into ice cream, a refreshing soothing delight anytime of the year.

Posh Pistachio

Extra fancy because first, toasted super fine pistachios are churned into the cream, then it’s loaded with lots of the green chunks, no skimping here! Every bite has pistachios for a deep satisfying flavor.

Lemon Snappy

Tart Lemon lovers, this is for you. Using celebrated Stouffers Lemon Snap Cookies, you’ll get crunchy snaps of citrus surrounded by creamy lemon ice cream.

The Big Easy

Pecan pralines, the nutty candy of New Orleans dessert fame, take this flavor over the top. We blend an incredible vanilla creaminess and marry it with sweet buttery pralines, inventing true indulgence.

Mango Bombay—Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

An exotic recipe inspired by our friends from India: we purée mango, add cardamom, rose water, coconut cream and coconut milk. We’re proud of its lassi-like creamy smooth texture, absolutely heavenly. 

Milli Vanilli

The best Madagascar Vanilla, and vanilla beans, and a bit of malt. But you say, “Vanilla is expensive”, but we don't skimp on our vanilla because it is so very important that you use the best in Super Premium Ice Cream.

Black Bear-y

A bear’s favorite treat, berries. Pick the sweet ripe berries from the berry vine, swirl them into some sweet cream, and freeze into a heavenly scoop. That is a pure delight for bears and people alike.

Just Peachy

A seasonal favorite, this is a sumptuous taste of summer. You’ll even find chunks of peaches to lend a sweet fruity texture to this yummy ice cream.

Manataka Maple

As fall settles in, you start thinking of pumpkins, maple syrup, and pralines. Well maybe not all of those things, but they sure go together nicely in ice cream!

Peppermint Blast

Customers sure wish we make this flavor year-round, but we want to keep it special as a holiday treat. Very simply a whole lotta peppermint candy canes crushed into vanilla ice cream. Wow it’s a blast of peppermint and so yummy.

Yuletide Cheer

Just what you think of when you make your favorite eggnog recipes. Silky, rich, and flavorful with all of the spicy goodness of the holidays. It will make you say, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Razzmatazz—Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Pure and simple, real raspberries, for a refreshing tang yet a fruity sweetness that shouts “RAZZMATAZZ AND ALL THAT JAZZ!”

Meet Me in Maui —Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Hear the waves and feel a tropical ocean breeze when you taste this creamy and refreshing, pineapple coconut sorbet. The flecks of tart pineapple finishes this non-dairy treat with a burst of flavor.