JoMa’s Ice Cream Cakes are 6 inch, serving 4-6 people and 8 inch, serving 10-12 people. They are ready-made 3 layer ice cream cakes created with four of our top selling flavors along with homemade cake and decorated with a fluffy white marshmallow like frosting.

Each 6 inch cake, serves 4-6 people and 8 inch, serves 10-12 people. There are 4 flavors of each 6” and 8” cake offered

  • Salty River of Gold with Chocolate Cake
  • Me Want Cookie with Chocolate Cake
  • Wake up Murphys with Chocolate Cake
  • Black Bear-y with White Cake

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JoMa's ice cream cakes

JoMa’s Ice Cream Cakes

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